Shooting couple at the beach

Remember last February, I organized a contest for you to win a photo shoot as a couple. It was Solenne who won the photo shoot to enjoy it with her partner. Their choice was a photo shoot at the beach. More precisely on the beach of l'Espiguette at Grau du Roi at the gates of the Camargue.

A photo shoot at the beach, a relaxing moment!

How does an outdoor photo shoot work? Nothing very complicated! Solenne and Kevin just had to enjoy the moment, relax. A little walk on the beach while I take care of photographing the natural moments. Ok I admit, it takes a little time to adapt to the situation to be able to relax in front of the lens but after a few minutes, the stress of the situation disappears and we can start taking pictures on the most beautiful Camargue beach! 

a deserted beach for unique couple photos

A deserted beach for photos of unique couples

The month of June was perfect for a photo shoot by the sea. The temperature was ideal, the sunset was magical and the beach was not crowded. The best to enjoy an almost empty beach for magical couple photos. Let's imagine the scene to get a better idea of the moment... Close your eyes. Imagine the sound of the waves beating the sand, a light iodized kiss squaring your face. Nothing better to enjoy the present moment with your soul mate while I take pictures that you will remember!

Come on, enough talk, I'll give you a little summary of the couple shooting that our two lovers had the chance to enjoy. The photo session started on the sand, far from the eyes of passers-by for more tranquility! Several natural poses in several places of the dunes (while staying in the authorized places, we also respect our beautiful nature during a photo shoot!) and to finish, a small tour with our feet in the water at the time of the sunset for magnificent photos that I let discover!

Does it make you want to? The months of September / October are perfect for a seaside shooting. The beach is no longer crowded and the weather is still very pleasant. Don't hesitate, don't waste any more time and contact me to plan your outdoor photo shoot.