Capture your emotions

Because our memory is not infallible and time passes too quickly, it is important to immortalize the highlights of our lives as well as our loved ones. And for this, nothing is better than a photo shoot during a special event, a walk with family or a moment with friends.

Let's capture your most beautiful emotions together

I propose you to spend a moment together, in the place of your choice, in order to immortalize your most beautiful emotions. Discover our different packages for photo sessions adapted to your desires (prices communicated only by appointment - from 97€).

Let's enjoy a walk in the middle of nature with your children, the narrow streets of a city centre with your loved one, an evening with friends or a solo moment to take lifestyle photos.

Lifestyle shoot, what is it?

And by the way, what's a lifestyle photo shoot? The "lifestyle" is a branch of photography that consists in immortalizing simple moments of everyday life. No pose, no studio. Just an important place for you or simply "photogenic", people you care about and a pleasant moment where I take care of capturing the best emotions, laughter.

It's the perfect opportunity to take a nature bath at sunset!

 Lifestyle photo shoot

Studio photos ... at home!

Would you prefer a more relaxed session? I also realize studio photo shoots ... at your home or in the place of your choice! Why at home? Simply to make you feel comfortable ... like at home. The studio photo is disturbing enough when we are not professional photo model, no need to add stress related to a place you don't know. The fact of carrying out a studio session at your home removes any discomfort related to the place. And it simplifies greatly the change of the outfits if the one you have selected is more suitable for us during the shooting.

 Child photo shoot

Lifestyle & Portrait photo shoots from 97€.

Enjoy a unique moment with your soul mate

Stroll in the city or enjoy a walk in the nature as a couple during a photo shoot where I will immortalize your most beautiful moments. All you have to do is enjoy a moment of escape, I'll take care of the rest.

Enjoy your couple photo shoot!


Couple photo shoot from 147€.

Try a portrait for your dog in a photo studio?

Do you love your dog? Yes you certainly do! Then don't waste any time and let's plan together a photo shoot in the studio for a portrait of your fur ball. I offer you dynamic portraits that are out of the ordinary. The icing on the cake, the photo studio comes to your home! I propose you a minimum of 5 portraits of your dog made with professional photo equipment.

Immortalize your dog with an extraordinary photo portrait!


Dog shooting in studio from 97€.

An event to cover?

Any particular event to cover? The annual seminar of your company, a sporting event or the baptism of the youngest child, I can cover any type of event.

Event photoshoot

Event and corporate photo shoot from 257€.

Need a product photo?

Your website or online store needs quality photos to showcase your products. Let's realize together a product shooting in order to sublimate your items. Quality product photos will bring out the best in your products!

Packshot photoshoot

Packshot from 147€.