Pleine de malice

Emotion tamer!

Who am I?

I'm not going to give you a monologue, that's not my style. To put it simply, I'm just a passionate photographer who offers his vision of photography to those who want to capture unforgettable memories! I offer my knowledge and my vision of photography to realize shootings during which you will have a pleasant time.

What I love about photography?

Capturing an emotion, a unique moment in a person's life without them noticing it. There's no place for fakes in front of my lens. A portrait should be a reflection of your personality, and it's up to me to find the perfect moment to get it. An exchange, a glance between two people or a discreet gesture of attention towards a loved one is what I look for in photographs rich in emotion.

There's another part of photography that I really enjoy. The work of a pose, the coatching of a model, the modelling of light for series of studio portrait photos that tell a story and keep a certain coherence.

I like new things, discovering new horizons. That's why I'm always open to a photographic project that is out of the ordinary, off the beaten track and that will allow me to extend my possibilities!

... and what I like less about photography!

You will have understood it, if I like the real moments, the real emotions, then the forced moments of life are not my cup of tea (a bit like the photos of groups "imposed" during ceremonies!).

photo autoportrait Math Drareg